Frequently Asked Questions

What do you actually do?

Gymini is an Edinburgh-based enterprise, teaching FOUNDATION GYMNASTICS to pre-school and primary children.  The Gymini Pre-School Movement and Learning programme is based on activity and fun, taught through structured play by our qualified British Gymnastics coaches.  Our gymnasts learn to be aware of and be in control of their bodies as they jump, roll, swing, or perform inverted skills such as handstands and cartwheels. We operate public, nursery and curriculum classes at various venues.

Is Gymini a soft play centre?

No, we are a sports based programme, however we do use soft equipment to teach basic gymnastic skills making it more fun to learn.

Is Gymini a drop-in centre?

No, we present a structured and progressive programme, however you can join mid-term.

What are the benefits for my child?

Scotland is now addressing health issues in young children due to obesity and inactivity.  By attending physical exercise classes, you are providing a positive first experience of sport and helping your child to establish a healthy routine at a young age which could develop into a life-long enthusiasm.  Developing co-ordination, strength, body awareness, confidence and social skills are long term benefits which can be seen almost immediately.

What age can my child become a Gymini?

As soon as they are on their feet, usually around one year.

Do adults/carers stay with their children for the class?

It depends on their age; under three years work with their adult/carer, over three years work in groups of ability with a coach.

How many children do you have in a class?

In a class of 3 to 5 year olds, we stay within the government recommendations of eight children to one coach.

Are there any classes for older children?

Gymini 4 Junior Gymnastics- is available for children P3 and up offering a continuation of our GYMINI programme.  Children are encouraged to work with less equipment and build on their basic 'gymnastics' skills, while developing strength, flexibility, co-ordination and confidence.  There is no upper age limit for the GYMINI programme; the only requirement is that the child is at school.

Do you run private classes?

We run individually designed classes where we visit nurseries or have nurseries booking in children registered with them.  In those cases the teachers work with us, learning and taking back knowledge and experience to their own nursery.  To arrange your own class, please contact Fiona on 0131 334 3657.

What are the coaches' qualifications?

We are primarily British Gymnastics Coaches, qualified in Pre-School, General, Special Needs and Sports Acrobatics. Sheila is also a British Judo Association Senior Club Coach.

Have your own children been successful in sport?

Yes, four of our children remain involved in Gymini.

Have any Gymini students been successful in sport?

Yes, the foundation skills Gymini teaches can help every child on the road to success.  One of our Gymini Judo coaches started her sports life as a Gymini.  She is now in the British Judo Squad.  We have Gyminis using gymnastics to enhance other sports like diving, ice skating and dancing to mention but a few.  We are proud to be involved.

What do the classes cost?

Classes are booked by term and cost varies depending on the location.  See our booking forms for more information.

Can we drop in for a taster session before booking?

Yes, to book your free introductory session, call Fiona on 0131 334 3657 or contact us via email.

How can I book a class?

Have a look at the classes, select a venue and class for your child's age group from the timetable, call Fiona to check availability on 0131 334 3657, and then print off and return a booking form for your selected venue.

See the bookings page for details and booking forms.

Is Gymini a franchise?

No, we are a private enterprise, unique to Edinburgh.

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